Finding a Realtor for you

The first step of your journey starts with finding the right Realtor, who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and capable to help you through this process. Our team members are dedicated to giving you the best service in the industry.

Real Estate Agent

The relationship with your Realtor

It’s not just enough to find a suitable Realtor, you also need to define your relationship with them. Working With a Realtor Brochure is a complete guide prepared by British Columbia Real Estate Association to help you understand the different types of this relationship.

Listing agreement

Now that you have chosen your Realtor and understood your relationship with them it’s time to move forward to listing agreement. A listing agreement will include the scope of authority of your Realtor as well as the details about your house which will make it easier to market on MLS.

The right price

Determining the price of your house is the next step. It’s important to understand the every changing housing market in Vancouver and specific conditions that come with each different property. It’s your realtor’s duty to use his knowledge of the neighborhood and current market trends to help you with determining the right price for your house. We will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis(CMA) to help you better understand the current market prices of your neighborhood and decide on a price.

Marketing your home.

Now it’s time to use our experience and resources to market your home in the best possible way. We will go over all the crucial facts and trends in the current market with you and set up a comprehensive marketing strategy suitable for your unique needs:

  • We will use our social media platforms to advertise your home
  • Our website will be another way to direct hundreds of interested buyers to your property.
  • well designed print ads will allow us to reach numerous people across the city
  • Traditional networking with people in the real estate market
  • Instagram and email adds made specifically for your home that will reach thousands of people.

Choosing the right offer

This is the day you have been waiting for, the offers are in and it’s time to choose. Sometimes an offer with a higher number is not necessarily the best one, we will help you through this process every step of the way, by laying down the pros and cons of all the offers and explaining to you what different subjects and conditions mean and what impact they can have on the deal later on. We will make sure you understand all terms before making a decision.

The last but not the least

You have accepted the offer, the subjects are removed and it’s time to close the deal.
There are few steps you need to take at this point:

  • Talk with your bank to see if there are any penalties for discharging your mortgage
  • Finding a lawyer to take care of all the legal aspects of the deal.
  • Talking to your accountant to see if you have to pay any capital gain taxes.
  • Not sure who to call and what to ask? No need to worry, we can refer you to well experienced professionals to help you with the process.